1- How to register on Ease
Step 1 – Go to ease app and click on the sign-up link at the footer of the screen. ...
Step 2 – Fill in your basic details.
Step 3 – Click on Submit

2- Can I place order on call?
Sorry, we don’t accept orders on call.

3- How do I know my order is confirmed?
We will send you an order confirmation notification once restaurants receive your order.

4- Can I pay online?
Yes, you can pay online.

5- Can I order from any location?
Yes, you can order from any restaurant listed on the search results for your location. We recommend enabling your GPS location finder and letting the app auto-detect your location.

6- Can I order in advance?
Yes, orders can be placed in advance.

7- Is there a minimum order value?
We have no minimum order value and you can order for any amount.

8- Can I cancel my order.
Yes, for more details visit cancelation policy.

9- Can I get regional cousins.
Yes, we have option for regional cousins.

10- Can I edit my order?

Your order can be edited before it reaches the restaurant. Once order is placed and restaurant starts preparing your food, you may not edit its contents